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Company Overview

GumBoots is an owner operated company specializing in the design, supply and practical management of clients’ field operations across Russia. The combined experience of our Partners allows us to provide construction, logistics and field support services in the interest of answering the primary needs of the extractive industries market. The diversity of our experience ranges from arranging supplies no matter how small the order, to construction of remote camps including residential facilities and warehousing, equipment supplies and logistics for major oil and gas projects in Russia. 

The management team is organized into what we’ve considered are the two primary elements of remote field management: Design & Build, Supply Chain Management:


Design & Build

Working with Clients, we are always seeking to minimize expense, providing our products and services in an efficient manner and keeping the information on the entire process transparent. GumBoots efforts are aimed at providing competitive prices for our Clients, achieved by reduction of our internal costs and reducing contingencies without any damage to the quality of provided structures and services.

GumBoots combines western management principles with local knowledge and expertise, thus offering our clients comprehensive hands-on solutions. GumBoots achieves a reduced risk profile for our clients through extensive local operations experience and sensitivity to ever changing regulatory requirements and security issues.


Supply Chain Management

GumBoots is skilled at locating, procuring, mobilizing and transporting support equipment and services on a door-to-door basis from international and domestic sources. GumBoots operates in Russia as a Russian-owned company; procurements and services through GumBoots qualify as Russian content. GumBoots is experienced with global networks to ensure the smooth and appropriate transit of cargoes via road, rail, sea or air. We are able to import goods for sale on DDP (Delivered Duties Paid) terms. GumBoots provides these services in total, or as required, for exploration, drilling or production functions.

All these services are integrated into a consistent management-chain, resulting in the delivery of high quality, timely results throughout the entire scope of services offered.

Dennis Grinko


Sergey Grinko

After living in the US from 1991 to 1998, where he received his BA in International Business from Seattle University, Dennis returned to Russia and worked in the family company, Starco, in many ways a Gumboots predecessor, where is a 50% shareholder. Starco is involved in building food processing plants, power plants, warehousing, remote camps for workforce, machinery and vehicles trade, as well as food retail business. Through Starco, GumBoots represents several US and European manufacturers.

Dennis Grinko is the main point of contact in Gumboots. 

  Sergey Grinko’s career started as the vice governor to the first Governor of Sakhalin region, Valentin Fyodorov where he was responsible for international liaisons, mainly in oil and gas sector. Sergey’s vast knowledge in this field and massive connections in Russia as well as abroad make him an invaluable asset to the company.  




Design and Build


LUKOil Kogalymneftegas, Kogalym, Western Siberia

$ 8.4 Million Core Analysis Laboratory and Core Storage Facility Turn-Key Procurement, Commissioning and Training


Rexam, Chelyabinsk

$ 1.4 Million Mobile Office and Cafeteria


Turn-Key Procurement and Commissioning Exxon Neftegaz Limited, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

$ 6 million USD temporary offices building


Turn-Key Procurement and Commissioning Spetstransstroy, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

$ 1 million Remote field camp


Turn-Key Procurement and Commissioning FMC temporary office, Kholmsk, Russia

Installation of temporary office building inside an existing warehouse


Supply Chain Management

PetroAlliance Services, Kogalym, Western Siberia

$ 1.3 Million Field Camp Support, General Procurement and Logistics


Amoco Salym Field Development, Nefteyugansk, Western Siberia

$ 1 Million Field Camp Support, General Procurement and Logistics


Shell Salym Development, Nefteyugansk, Western Siberia

$ 800,000 Field Camp Support, General Procurement and Logistics


AES-Hartec J.V., Usinsk, Komi Republic

$ 2 Million Sole Source Russian Provider for $110 Million World Bank


Komineft Oil Spill Remediation Project Nobel Oil J.V., Usinsk, Komi Republic

$ 9 Million Sole Source Procurement and Logistics for 30,000 BBL/Day Drilling and Steam Injection Operation


JSC Chernogorneft, Nizhnevartovsk

$ 37.5 Million U.S.-sourced Procurement, Logistics, Commissioning, Training and Local Project Support under the US Ex-Im Bank Oilfield Rehabilitation Program


Amur Minerals, Khabarovsk, Amur Oblast

$ .7 Million Remote Camp Procurement Support, Staffing, Catering,


SUV Vehicle Fleet Supply Fluor Daniel, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

$ 1 million worth of project vehicles Procurement and Commissioning 


Wagner Services, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

$ .7 million project vehicles Procurement and Commissioning 


Gama Inc., Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

$ 5 million Procurement and Logistics

Finding a pad for structural steel staging area and arranging logistics for delivering steel from port to pad and to LNG site for Sakhalin 2 LNG Project


Fluor, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk

Around 3 M USD in Procurement and logistics 

Procurement of miscellaneous building materials for existing tent warehouses.

Procurement of various construction materials for company projects

Procurement of various lifting gear for company projects

Procurement and certification of Russian GOST fire hydrants for OPF

National Oilwell Varco, Kostroma

  • 1 M USD. Supply chain management and logistics. 
  • 25 M USD. Personnel, paperwork administration, back office support, payroll. 


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